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Full Service Denture Clinic

Our onsite laboratory allows us to offer a complete range of denture services.

Attractive, healthy teeth play in important roll in our general health and well being. You want to look and feel confident, free to laugh with friends and family anytime and anywhere. There are many reasons why people lose their teeth, which can have a strong impact on your quality of life.

Our team can help you find the solution that’s right for you. Our discovery process and maintenance program is designed to deliver dentures that fit.

Immediate Denture options and appointments can be a bit confusing, here are a few points to consider
  • You will have teeth inserted directly after extraction, meaning you leave the chair with dentures in
  • Having Dentures in place acts as a sort of compression bandage, keeping the extraction sites covered, and food and bacteria from getting stuck in the extraction sites
  • Having Dentures in place right away will help your Central Nervous System adapt faster to the challenges of Prosthetics
  • Since the Dentures are made when you still have natural teeth, there is no way to try them in and that can sometimes cause less desirable esthetics
  • As the Tissues will continue to shrink rapidly in the first 6-12 months, you may need a Rebase, or an entirely new set of Dentures made depending on how drastic the changes are
  • You will have dentures soreness and looseness, and will need to come for regular adjustments until the treatment is complete.

Our Services


Approximately 5 years is the average lifespan of a Denture. I’ve seen many cases where patients come in with a set that is 20,30 or even 50 years old and the Dentures aren’t in bad shape at first glance. But when you start to take a look at the effect on the Tissues and structure of the oral cavity, there is often irreparable damage to the TMJ and often flabby, irritated tissues that can require surgical intervention to correct.

If everything is going well, once a year for a quick checkup is recommended (and its free!)

They can have some effect on natural teeth, but wont do anything positive to your dentures unfortunately.
Having your dentures professionally cleaned and polished can help with Tobacco, Tartar and staining from Medications.

I like foaming antibacterial hand-soap, as it is non-abrasive and everyone needs some anyways. Just don’t get anything too fragrant, unless you want your breathe to smell like potpourri!

The GOOD news is I am not a Dentist, so you don’t need to be scared of me.
But if I was I’d suggest the first thing you do is tell the Dentist that you are afraid, believe me its not the first time they’ve heard it! They can offer you different things to help combat the anxiety of Dental appointments.

If your teeth have met the effective end of their usefulness, and the only option is to have Immediate Dentures made (I always advocate keeping healthy teeth as long as you possibly can), I would book a consultation with me and we can go over the options and logistics of planning the treatment with you.